Educating the Community on the Importance of Healthy Eating

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In addition to involving hundreds of clients, their caregivers, and teen and adult volunteers in our Meals 4 Health and Healing program each year, we also enjoy collaborative relationships with area cancer clinics, oncology professionals, schools, and university dietetic programs through referrals, nutrition classes and cooking demos, and health and information fairs to deepen our "food is medicine" reach.

Educational Resources

2021 Meals 4 Health and Healing Food List

Tips on how to Flip Your Kitchen: Guide to Create a Whole Food Setting in your Home

The Dirty Dozen is a phrase that refers to 12 “dirty” crops that farmers use the most pesticides on. Alternatively, the Clean Fifteen refers to fifteen crops that use the least amount of pesticides.

The data isn’t random; it comes from an analysis of the United States government’s Pesticide Data Program report, a pesticide residue monitoring system enacted back in 1991. Every year, a new report is released and while most of the information stays the same, sometimes crops come in at different numbers depending on varying pesticide residue levels.

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The Clean Fifteen refers to fifteen crops that have the lowest levels of pesticide contamination.

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