Educating the Community on the Importance of Healthy Eating

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

- Hippocrates

At the heart of our mission, we truly believe that food is medicine and what we eat is core to our health and healing.

We involve hundreds of clients, their caregivers, and teen and adult volunteers in our Meals 4 Health and Healing education each year.

We also enjoy collaborative relationships with various cancer clinics, oncology professionals, schools, and dietetic programs through referrals, nutrition presentations, integrated nutrition classes, cooking demos, and health fairs to deepen our "food is medicine" reach.


Learn to make Eggplant Parmesan with Zucchini Noodles with Chef Juan while he breaks down a Green Door Gourmet CSA. Garden Manager, Missy and Nutrition Educator, Lexy provide tips on growing tomatoes and nutritional education. Food Connections is part of the Meals 4 Health and Healing education series.

Educational Resources

We recognize that cancer treatment often comes with extreme nutrition-related difficulties. This infographic provides some helpful tips on maintaining or gaining weight when needed, with high calorie nutrient-dense foods that will aid in the healing process.

Our updated food list provides the specifics on the ingredients that are included in our meals that promote healing, and the ingredients we leave out of our Meals 4 Health and Healing kitchen. Please see our FAQ (please link to this) if you would like to read more about the “why” behind the foods we omit.
We hope to encourage the variety and lengthy list of foods we use in our meals.

Meals for Health and Healing Food Cards

We have a collection of food cards that we have developed as part of our weekly nutrition education. With every meal delivery, our clients receive a food card with information on the health benefits of some of the ingredients used in meal preparation that week.

Follow us on social media for ongoing nutrition education materials! If you have any questions regarding nutrition, please email our nutrition educator at