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  • Nutrition Educator: We're looking for a Nutrition Educator to join our Meals 4 Health and Healing team! Click HERE for more details and the full job description.

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About Meals 4 Health and Healing 

Our Mission

We are dedicated to raising awareness in our community about healthy lifestyles and nourishing meal preparation. We strive to be a resource for those undergoing cancer treatments by providing guidance, support, and delicious organic meals.

Our History

Meals 4 Health and Healing was founded by Kathie Heimerdinger whose husband, Mike (former Tennessee Titans Offensive Coordinator), passed away from cancer in 2011. After his passing, her family channeled their grief into supporting not only the cancer patient but also the caregiver. Through their experiences, they became acutely aware of the huge burden a cancer diagnosis is on the whole family, not just emotionally and financially, but how it upends the entire family. Food is medicine and is a source of comfort and connection as well. Between appointments and treatments, nutritious food preparation is often sidelined. Meals 4 Health and Healing fills that gap and allows for caregivers to focus on their loved one, thereby taking away the burden of decision making, shopping, and preparing meals that aid in healing and provide nourishment.

Along with this mission is the priority of youth development. As we engage teen volunteers into joining our Meals 4 Health and Healing team, we provide nutrition education, cooking skills, meal preparation, leadership skills, and the importance of giving back to the community.

Meals 4 Health and Healing was designed after the Ceres Community Project of Sonoma County, California.