A Caring Community, Nourishment, Leadership, Transformation

Our Mission

We are dedicated to raising awareness in our community about healthy lifestyles and nourishing meal preparation. We strive to be a resource for those undergoing cancer treatments by providing guidance, support, and delicious organic meals.

Our Vision

Our vision is to educate the Nashville community about proper nutrition, healthy meal options, and provide nutrient-rich meals to patients fighting cancer during a time when eating right can make all the difference.

Our Core Beliefs

Caring Community– We treat all people with love, respect, and compassion.

Nourishment– We provide tangible support that offers hope and nourishes the mind and body of those facing cancer.

Leadership– We embrace the philosophy that food is medicine by educating about the healing properties of nutritious meals and the power of a sustainable food system.

Transformation– We impact the minds of the future generation by providing joyful learning experiences that promote health, giving back to others, and lifelong skills.


The Heimerdinger Foundation is proud to be a Ceres Affiliate Partner, a national network of organizations building healthier communities by empowering young people, promoting community service, caring for our neighbors and restoring healthy and organic fresh foods to their place as the foundation of health for people and planet.