Planned Giving

Leave a Legacy

Chances are you already donate a generous portion of your income to various non-profit organizations, and of course, we hope The Heimerdinger Foundation is one of them. However, have you considered including The Heimerdinger Foundation in your estate planning so that we can continue to provide cancer-fighting meals and nutrition education for years to come?

By leaving a legacy gift to The Heimerdinger Foundation, you will receive the satisfaction of supporting a cause that you care deeply about, while providing a solid foundation from which Meals 4 Health and Healing can continue to provide organic, nutrient dense foods to people facing cancer.

Whether your gift is a bequest, real estate, a charitable remainder trust, charitable lead trust, retirement plan or a life insurance policy, The Heimerdinger Foundation works directly with the professional estate planning consultants at The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee to help you structure your planned gifts to provide the maximum investment/estate planning benefits to you and your family.