Gfits of Goods & Services

How to Donate

We gratefully accept in-kind donations for our gardens, classes, kitchens and events. Listed below are examples of what we typically need, and we do accept items that are not listed below. Please do not drop off in-kind donations without contacting us first.

Email us at, and our staff will let you know available drop off times and days, availability and need.

Donating Food:

We typically need these items for our immune-boosting meals:

  • organic produce.
  • organic olive oil.
  • organic eggs.

We do not accept these items:

  • non-organic food items

Donating Items:

We typically need these items for our kitchens, gardens or events:

  • food safe plastic gloves.
  • auction items, such as restaurant and business gift certificates and wine.
  • gardening tools, plants, seeds, and mulch.
  • kitchen tools and equipment.

Donating Services:

You can volunteer in your professional capacity, which can be designated as pro bono services to The Heimerdinger Foundation. Examples include legal services, video production, photography, staff training and more!